BHV Course with E-learning at AREHBO – Become an Effective Emergency Responder

Enhance workplace safety with our BHV course featuring e-learning at AREHBO. Learn emergency response, from evacuation to first aid, through practical training. Stay legally compliant and boost your skills. Join us now!

Whether you’re jotting down meeting minutes or attending a session, emergencies can strike anywhere. Imagine a construction worker falling from a height, unable to move his leg. Can you act swiftly? As a company emergency officer, you have the power to make a difference. Discover the practical BHV course with e-learning at AREHBO that prepares you for such critical situations.

Legal Obligations

Every Dutch employer must legally establish emergency response procedures. The required number of emergency responders (BHV’ers) is determined by the risks inherent to your organization.

E-learning for Theoretical Learning

Opt for our e-learning BHV course to master theory at your pace. Covered topics include evacuation, fire summaries, practical fire extinguishing, first aid basics, and more. We provide you with secure e-learning access.

Hands-on Practice

After completing the e-learning, immerse yourself in the practical day. Effective emergency responders are forged through real-life scenarios. Experience the gravity of threatening situations firsthand as we simulate emergencies. Upon completing both segments, you become the lifeline in emergencies.

Course Duration

  • Self-study: 2-4 hours
  • Practical session: 1 day (08:30-16:30)
  • Exam for both components

Course Highlights

  • Life-saving skills (LEH) half-day
  • Fighting and evacuation (B&O) half-day

Flexible Locations and Group Rates:

  • AREHBO safety training, Keesomstraat 19 in Ede
  • On your premises
  • Nationwide training centers – Explore our coverage

For 8 or more participants, we offer special group rates. Contact us for more information.

Group Discounts and Course Inclusions

For groups of 8 or more, we offer exclusive rates. Get in touch for more information. Enjoy complimentary lunch, unlimited coffee, tea, and warm meals for afternoon sessions.

Emerge as a confident emergency responder through AREHBO’s hands-on BHV course with e-learning. Enroll now and be prepared to save lives in critical situations.

BHV Course with E-learning Emergency Response Officer
€235,- Excl. btw p.p.
  • Obtain your BHV certificate in 1 day
  • Complete the theory (e-learning) at your own pace
  • 1 session of practical life-saving techniques (LEH)
  • 1 session of practical fire-fighting and evacuation techniques (B&O)
  • Includes e-learning module and digital BHV certificate.
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