Your colleague Jaap is giving a presentation on the new company strategy. As he speaks, you gradually understand him less and less. You notice that the left side of his face is drooping, and you immediately sense that something is wrong. You try to recall the first aid course from last year, but you no longer remember how to act in this situation. Time is precious, and deep thinking is not possible in such a situation.

Of course, everyone hopes that you never find yourself in such a situation, but it is crucial that you know how to act in a life-threatening situation. The refresher course in First Aid and Emergency Response (BHV) reviews the knowledge and skills you acquired in the initial BHV course.

Why is it so important for you to keep your knowledge up to date?

Safety is paramount, and it does not end after obtaining a BHV certificate. Fortunately, BHV duties are not a daily routine for emergency response officers. However, it is essential that you always know how to act as a BHV officer without wasting time.

Emergency response officers must demonstrate ongoing expertise and practice. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires BHV officers to keep their acquired knowledge up to date. By obtaining the refresher certificate annually, an employer demonstrates compliance with this basic obligation.

What topics are covered in the BHV refresher course?

-Life-saving measures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) usage.
-Limiting and combating an incipient fire.
-Evacuation and communication.

The course is delivered by experienced instructors who alternate theory with practical examples. We strive to simulate emergency situations as realistically as possible. During the practical part of the BHV course, we train you in lifelike scenarios. We believe that you can only learn how to act in an emergency by experiencing it firsthand. Upon completion of the course, your knowledge will be up to date.

BHV refresher course for emergency response officers

How long does the BHV refresher course last?

The BHV refresher course lasts for 1 day, consisting of 2 sessions from 08:30 to 16:30.

-1 session on life-saving measures and CPR with AED (LEH)
-1 session on fire suppression and evacuation (B&O)

Course location options

-AREHBO Safety Training, Keesomstraat 19, Ede
-At your own location
-Training centers throughout the Netherlands.
For groups of 8 or more participants, we offer special group prices. Please contact us for details.

Included in the course

We provide lunch for our participants when the course takes place at our own location (consisting of at least 2 sessions). Additionally, unlimited coffee and tea are available. Both are included in the course fee. We provide a hot meal for participants when the course starts in the late afternoon. This is done on a cost basis.

BHV herhaling Engelstalig Take advantage of our national coverage for this repeat!
€209,- Excl BTW p.p.
  • 1 half-day first aid and CPR with AED (Basic Life Support) training
  • 1 half-day firefighting and evacuation (Fire Safety)
  • Training with lifelike scenarios
  • Includes BHV certification
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