Enhance workplace safety with our BHV course featuring e-learning at AREHBO. Learn emergency response, from evacuation to first aid, through practical training. Stay legally compliant and boost your skills. Join us now!

Whether you’re jotting down meeting minutes or attending a session, emergencies can strike anywhere. Imagine a construction worker falling from a height, unable to move his leg. Can you act swiftly? As a company emergency officer, you have the power to make a difference. Discover the practical BHV course with e-learning at AREHBO that prepares you for such critical situations.

Every employer in the Netherlands is required to have their emergency response team (BHV) properly organized. This means that there must be a sufficient number of ERT members who can act adequately. The required number of BHV members depends on your specific business situation. The law mandates that every organization must be able to implement effective measures in the area of emergency response. With AREHBO’s shortened BHV course featuring e-learning, you will learn to take effective measures and to deal with fire, evacuations, and life-saving actions.

For who is a BHV course in 1 day?

Are you starting with the emergency response within your organization? Or have you been designated as a BHV member without prior experience? Then this BHV course is perfect for you. In our one-day BHV course, you’ll first dive into the e-learning module so your theory knowledge is completely up to date. Afterwards, you’ll join us for your practical training. Our safety instructor will fully train you in the practical day to become a competent BHV member, so you know exactly how to act in case of an emergency.

What do you learn in a shortened BHV course?

  • Life-saving actions: Learn, for example, how to perform CPR and use an AED to save lives.
  • Firefighting: Learn, for example, how to fight a starting fire.
  • Evacuation and communication: Learn, for example, how to safely and quickly evacuate a building.

What does the course day look like?

The one-day BHV course consists of two parts. First, a theory section that is completed at home through e-learning. Then, a practical part at our location.

E-learning theory

Opt for our shortened BHV course with e-learning if you want to go through the theory independently. Cover essential topics such as evacuation, fire prevention, CPR, AED usage, and more. Our login details give you access to the comprehensive e-learning program.

Hands-on Practice

After completing the e-learning program, a practice day follows. Here, you will experience emergency situations realistically, allowing you to apply your knowledge directly in practice. Learn to act effectively and gain confidence in providing assistance.

Location options:

Included in the course:

  • Lunch when the training is given at our location;
  • Unlimited coffee and tea;
  • E-learning module: self-study 4-6 hours;
  • Practice day: 1 day (08:30-16:30);
  • BHV certificate;
  • Required course materials.

Do you want to be able to act adequately in emergency situations? With your one-day BHV course, you are assured of a solid theoretical foundation with our e-learning, and you will have a practice-oriented day with us on location to be fully prepared for your duties as a BHV member. Sign up now!

BHV Course with E-learning Take advantage of our national coverage for this training!
€245,- Excl. btw p.p.
  • Obtain your BHV certificate in 1 day
  • 1 session of practical life-saving techniques (LEH)
  • 1 session of practical fire-fighting and evacuation techniques (B&O)
  • Complete the theory (e-learning) at your own pace
  • Includes a lunch, e-learning module and digital BHV certificate.
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